Stop Being A Sell Out And Start Selling Out

Do the WORK

That “work” that you’re doing right now, is fuck around work.
You know it, I know it.

You think you’re making a difference?
You’re not, not one bit.

That train you’re on is going round and round in circles not getting anything meaningful done.
Wake up. Sister, wake up.

Haul your ass off that train and run the rest of the way up the mountain.
Sweat, tears, blood – do the real fucking work that’s going to make a real fucking difference.

“Oh, I’m just doing this to make money right now, I’ll get back to my soul’s purpose… soon.”

Sure you will. In the meantime though, you’re just selling your soul for peanuts.

You know where the real money comes from?
You know where the real transformation comes from?

Doing the real fucking work.
The. Real. Fucking. Work.

Not this fuck around shit you’ve been doing lately.
You know, the stuff that you’re good at but tires you out because really, deep inside, in your heart and soul, that shit is exhausting.

I’m putting this to you quite bluntly here (LOL) because in the past I’ve kinda beat around the bush with you, to spare your feelings, to not insult you, to keep you following me.

But I know for a fact, that if you’re feeling offended by any of this, you’re the one who needs to hear it the most.
It’s a hard pill to swallow for some, to be told in such certain terms to pull your fucking head in and do what you have to have to do!

Sometimes niceties just don’t cut it, and so there always has to be someone to come down with the iron fist and lay down the law.

Stop talking bullshit and get back to your truth.
Stop being a sell out and start selling out.
Stop being a pussy and start backing yourself.

Back yourself.
Back yourself.
Back yourself.

When I was a little girl I thought my dad was a bit of a dick. He was always on my back for everything, kicking my ass literally and figuratively until I did what I needed to do.
And yeah, I suppose he was actually a bit of a dick, but that urgency he instilled in me to do the work and get shit done, to not fuck around and to jump is exactly what I needed in order to survive everything I have so far; so for that, I am way thankful.

I was taught to use the fear and the consequences of not doing the work to actually do the work.

The fear that if I didn’t do the real work in my business that I wouldn’t get to where I wanted to get to in my life, and so I’d be living a sub-par, mediocre life – something that actually I’m shit scared of.
So instead of fucking around (actually, I do have some fuck around days, or weeks, but cut it out as soon as possible), I’ve had to do the work.
The fear that if I didn’t do the real work in my business I wouldn’t make the money I needed to make to be able to financially support myself and my children as a solo mother, which means living mediocre, which means fuck that shit.
The fear that if I didn’t do the real work in my business that I wouldn’t be able to help other women that needed to do the real work in their business so they’re not living a mediocre life.

The fuck around work you’re doing is going to keep you in a shitty mediocre life. You’ll be continuously dreaming of the amazingly, epic, fantastical life you’ve always wanted and probably complaining because you don’t have it, and wondering why you don’t have it.
This is why. The reason you don’t have what you want is because you’re fucking around.

Do the work.
The real work.
The transformational work.
The soul work.

Feel the fear of mediocrity and run as far away from it as possible, towards the fucking fantastical.

Do it.

Phillipa Kiripatea

Phillipa Kiripatea is a marketing coach for entrepreneurs who love to dream big. Through her free mastermind group, The League of Women Who #DreamBig she inspires and motivates women to dream bigger and to make their big dreams a reality.

Phillipa believes in enlightened connection and speaking your truth. She hates small talk. Loves vulnerability.

She's also a single mother to 3 boys and does not have all her shit together.

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