Sometimes I Get Stuck – You Have to Know When to Stop

Do you pay attention to when you just need to STOP and give yourself a break? #vividandbrave

Stephanie & I arrived in Atlanta, Georgia over a week ago. A flurry of activity happened – we spoke that night to the Atlanta Trigger Happy photographer group. We visited our friend Julie Anne. We shopped. (We shopped too much.) We saw Robert Redford in Norcross. We ate great food. We went to the Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta.

Then Stephanie left on Saturday, and the conference ended on Saturday night, and *BAM*. I was hit with the post conference, the BFF has gone home crash.


I have to confess that at the last minute, instead of picking my things up at Julie Anne’s house, where I had left my camping gear behind so it wasn’t sitting in my car in a parking lot, I decided to park myself at her house. Just for a night – at least that was the plan.

Then I didn’t leave yesterday. Instead? I spent another day with Julie Anne, we went out for a delicious lunch to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and we spent hours just laughing and talking.

Now it is 1pm, and I’m still here. With a 4 hour drive ahead of me to Congaree National Park in South Carolina.

I needed to stay.

I realized today that I do this when I travel. I get stuck in a certain city. I’m surrounded by amazing people who I adore and I want to spend more time with, and I need the recovery time. I am ok with that.

Do you pay attention to when you should just stop for awhile?

How often do we forget to give ourselves permission to just stop? To breathe? To rest? To let ourselves recover before we plow forward in to our next adventure?

Does this mean adjusting my travel schedule somewhat? Yes, it does. But it also means I’m not exhausted anymore. I spent the morning doing work. I answered emails. I uploaded photos. I took care of things that needed to be done. Which, if you ask me, is far more important. Will it mean that I’ll miss things along the way? I’ll have to skip things tomorrow that I might want to do? Yes, it does. But that is ok. For now, I have my strength back, and I’m ready to travel on.

I’m giving you permission to give yourself a break. You need it. You will be refreshed afterwards. Get up, get outside, spend time with friends. Work will still be there waiting.

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