The Love & Sex Series – Journal Prompt #1 – Your first love

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this journal prompt series is focused on Love & Sex. This can be a week full of emotions for people, and journaling about them will help you work your way through it.

The first person I ever loved was a boy who lived in Seattle.

Love is  a funny thing when you’re young. The definition of it changes constantly as we get older. For me, at 17, it was a super cute, slightly older boy with a great sense of humour who took my glasses off my face before he kissed me for the first time. Every time Kiss Me by the Cardigans came on I thought of him and my little heart got all twitterpated.

If I wrote a letter to him*, I’d tell him these things. That he made me feel beautiful, when usually I felt like an out of place ugly duckling. That he made me laugh all the time, and that I -still- think about that first kiss because it’s in my Top 3 best first kisses ever.  That when he moved on to another girl, I actually cried out loud.  That I’m so glad we reconnected and get to still be friends as adults, because he was very much a good friend to me. One I got to make out with.

Prompt: Write a letter to your first love. Don’t get hung on the concept of whether it was “real” or not. Love changes as we learn more about ourselves. What sort of things would you tell a first love? Are your memories of it happy or sad or bittersweet?

*This post is my letter to him, in its own way. Since he is friends with me on Facebook, I’ll probably send him the link. 

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