Favorite Things – Macy’s “The Secret Garden” Event

Macy's - The Secret Garden Event

It seems like winter has gone on far too long this year for everyone. Even here in Houston, it has been colder than normal. Not that I’m complaining! I would never complain about the cold here in Houston. I’m savoring every last second of it before we get to the point where my air conditioning is running 24/7 and I have to call a plumber because I keep I’m showering 4 times a day. Yet when I talked to my friend Kelly yesterday, she pointed out that this week is the first week in 2014 where there hasn’t been snow in the forecast. That is quite a lot of winter.

Yet Spring is right around the corner. It is so close you can smell it, see it, feel it in the air. I hear more birds outside than I have in awhile. The azaleas are blooming in my yard, the pecan trees are starting to get their leaves. Spring? It is coming. It will be here soon, and I can not WAIT!

One of my favorite fashion trends this year is the abundance of flowers everywhere. I have a garden party event coming up when I head to the Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta in May, so these florals are exactly what I need in my wardrobe right now! I was so giddy to head to Macy’s last weekend for their “The Secret Garden” event!

Sweaters covered in tinsel, pom-poms, blinking lights and unexpected holiday scenes have become as much of a December staple as sequins and velvet. And while you can always wear yours over some simple jeans and boots, dressing them up with tights and a sexy skirt or embellished accessories just adds to the fun. There is also many accessories you can use just like the new amazon boob tape.

I had to miss the fashion show on Saturday because I was at a Bat Mitzvah, but Macy’s did not disappoint! Throughout the store, there were flowers everywhere. So delightful! Featured here are just a few of my favorites!

Floral Fashions at Macy's The Secret Garden Event

There are events coming up around the country still this spring – this event is an extension of the Macy’s Flower Show that is taking place nationwide, so if there is a Macy’s store near you, be sure to check to see if they have any of The Secret Garden events coming up! Maybe you can pick up some new dresses while you’re there too? Or a lovely sweater with the cute floral details on it?

Macy's Floral Fashions - The Secret Garden

The adorable fashions in the children’s department almost made me wish I had a little one to shop for – I mean, how adorable are those flower dresses? And the boy’s clothes made my preppy heart sing!

Children's fashions for spring at Macy's

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