Facing Your Fears (Especially the Irrational Ones)

Lake Superior view from the shore

In a few hours, I’m going out on a boat from Grand Portage, Minnesota, across Lake Superior, to Isle Royale National Park. Technically the park is in Michigan, but really it is in the northwestern part of Lake Superior.

There is just one problem with this plan — I’m terrified, in a rather irrational way, of open water. Taking this trip means facing my fears head-on.

Isle Royale is in the middle of the lake. Close to … nothing.

I’ve done other boat tours this summer, but they have all been on lakes where you could see the shore at all times. Granted, the lakes were only 40-50 degrees (Fahrenheit), so if I had been in the water it still would have been miserable.

I was never afraid of open water before. I took the crazy water taxi in Belize. I snorkeled. Swam with stingrays. All good. (Ok, you can touch the bottom in Stingray Alley.)

Then two things happened:
– I nearly drowned in Bermuda
– I watched Life of Pi

Now? I’m wondering what I signed up for. 2.5 hours, on a boat, in the largest surface area lake in the world. It didn’t really hit me until I was driving along the North Shore and looked out at how vast it is out there.

I know I’ll be ok. I know this is irrational. This cruise takes place all the time with no problems.

Knowing doesn’t help when it is irrational.

Is 8:30am too early to do tequila shots? (Oh… If only I had tequila with me!)

Now if only I could stop humming the Gilligan’s Island theme…

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