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bravebrightspotlightThose who know me know that I am irresistibly attracted to universe denters – people making an impact on the people and world around them, no matter how small.

It was that draw that led me to asking Christine if we could start to spotlight these amazing, brave women. Women who have faced adversity and met it head on. Women who didn’t let life or struggle tell them how they would live their lives. And thus, the Brave & Bright Spotlight was born.

When I first started, I contacted several women directly, women who I admired and have grown to call friends. Their stories can be found here on the blog! This morning, though, I wanted to share the Brave & Bright Spotlight wish list – our dream list of spotlights we hope to be able to share with you one day!

The Brave & Bright Spotlight Wish List

(because putting it out in the Universe is the only way to make it happen)

1. Brene Brown – We quote her in our workshops because her work surrounding vulnerability, courage and shame are so resonant for our Vivid & Brave students. Her books will move you, her TED talks will inspire you!

2. Glennon Doyle Melton – Author of Carry On, Warrior and founder of Momastery, Glennon’s story of bulimia and addiction, and the road to recovery from that, embodies the intention behind the Spotlight. Bonus  – she’s hilariously funny.

3.  Cheryl Strayed – Her book, Tiny Beautiful Things, lives on my desk. I open it, flip to a random page, and find myself breathless. Her writing is gracefilled and heartwrenching and true. Her memoir, Wild, chronicles her journey on a more than 1000 mile hike, solo, after her life fell to pieces. What’s more brave than that?

4. Erika Napoletano – First of all, she swears. A lot. She talks candidly about the power of unpopularity and how to get unstuck. She embraces a messy, imperfect life. And she loves the stories of others as much as we do.

5. You. No link here because you’re going to need to give it to us. We want your stories. We want your best friend’s stories. We want to hear about everything you’ve managed to conquer. We want to shine the Brave & Bright Spotlight on you. Will you introduce yourself?

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