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Travel AnxietyIn the last four months, I’ve travelled for at least five days out of every month.

And for at least three days leading up to each trip, I’ve been overwhelmed with anxiety.

See, I’m not too worried about flying itself. Airplanes go up, airplanes come down, and most of the time it works out just fine. It’s all the insane leadup, and then the uncertainty, that makes me go a little sideways.

First, there’s been the weather factor, something that has caused me more grief this year than in any other year. From frozen water lines to entire airport shutdowns, I’ve started to wonder how anyone ever gets anywhere on time.

Then, there’s packing. I rarely make lists, but oh the lists I make for packing. And yet, I’ll still leave packing to the very last minute, which has also meant last minute midnight runs to Walmart to pick up new underwear or socks that I somehow don’t have washed and ready to go. I seem to think that with every trip I’m headed off to some remote and foreign land without Target. This has never happened. And yes, I’ve had to buy things and paid WAY too much for them – like $8 toothpaste in Vegas in March. But there was still toothpaste to be had.

Mostly, though, I just seem to get anxious before I travel – a hard to place sense of dread that makes  me feel vaguely nauseated and drives me to check flight times over and over again, makes it hard for me to sleep, and increases my already fairly high energy jumpiness. I was told this week I was even talking faster.

And then, I board the plane. I get into my seat. And I pass out. I sleep better on airplanes than anywhere else in the world. If you’re going to be flying with me, don’t expect a seatmate who will want to chat!

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