Smelling the Roses

It seems that just a few months ago we were celebrating 2015 yet already it is November. Every year around this time we all realize that time waits for no one.

Smelling the roses

While gratitude and thankfulness should be a part of our daily lives as a society we take this month in the United States to celebrate with Thanksgiving. The reasons we celebrate Thanksgiving may vary, but the intent is the same. We set aside a time from our busy schedules to give thanks. Turkeys are landing in the stores, Christmas decorations are going up, snow is starting to fall across the country and families are coming together if only for one day. In our family, it is one of the two days in the year that my husband gets in the kitchen and shares his skills blessing us with a fantastic meal. Often we are with friends who step in as surrogate family as we are really far from ours.

So here are a few things that I am grateful for.

1) Jesus filled with the holy spirit. What can I say. He saved a wretch like me.

2) My family for obvious reasons.

3) A good belly laugh! The kind that make your sides hurt.

4) My life. Everyday is a new opportunity to shine my light into a dark place.

5) Great friends.

6) My home.

7) My President. I may not agree with him on many things but someone has to do it. Like it or not, his presidency has allowed kids of color to dream bigger than they ever knew they could.

8) My dog. She is faithful.

9) The sky. It reminds me of the vastness of God.

10) Good health and my body which allow me to still do almost everything I desire to do, only stopped by my own limitations. I do not take that for granted.

This is the short list. I could go on forever. What do you find yourself really grateful for this year?

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