Five lessons | Mother’s Day Week Journal Prompt Series

Mother's Day Week Prompts

I read somewhere that over the course of a lifetime, the average mom will pass along 41 “pearls of wisdom” to her children.  Forty one doesn’t seem like that many to me, now that I’m a mom, because I obviously feel as though I’m constantly showering my kids in my incredible wisdom, day after day. (Or, you know, worrying that I’m totally messing them up every other minute. Either or.)

Those little bits of wisdom from my mother, though…. I hear them in my mind, in her voice. Reminders of my strength, beauty, smarts. Reminders of how to conduct myself like a lady, of how to be polite and warm and open, cultural  beliefs that I carry forward even now. Those things are pure gold. These are the things I can’t wait to teach to my own daughter, the things that have given me clarity when things got a little murky. There are many many more than five of these lessons.  Will you share some of your lessons here in the comments? I’d love to hear what other moms had to say about life, love and learning, too.

PROMPT: What are five lessons that your mother has taught you? What have those lessons helped you to accomplish?

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