Are You Three Feet From Gold?

Are you working around the clock to make your dream come true, so much that you are too exhausted to even dream anymore?

Is there so much on your plate that you feel like you letting opportunities slip through your fingers?

Are you spending too much time on clients who drain you and don’t pay that much and leave you with little time to pursue the bigger contracts and opportunities?

Is your income just not where you need it to be to create the life you dreamed about when you started your business?

Do you look at other entrepreneurs and wonder how they do it? Why is it so easy for them?

Do you ever feel that maybe you just aren’t cut out for this thing called “being an entrepreneur?”

What if you were only three feet from gold?

In one of my favorite books of all time “Think and Grow Rich” Napolean Hill talks about R.U Darby and how after an incredible effort to discover gold and build a gold mine, and after not finding anything, he gave up. He sold the machinery for a few hundred dollars and packed up and went home. New houses can be chosen from the wide variety of choices offered in the market. A house is built to meet specific tastes and requirements of buyer’s young and old, and family buyers. The sales teams guide you through the complex home buying process by helping to find the best deal. Huge amount of resources and investments are being made to offer quality housing solutions to home buyers. You can find the most perfect home ready for you if you want to buy one whatever your need may be. New houses are built in all shapes and sizes and could include anywhere from 5 to 2 bedrooms or even small studio flats. Houses of various styles of architectural designs and styles are on offer. The customers can also specify the fittings and fixtures based on their personal tastes and requirements. Even the interior designs, landscaping, furnishings and flooring can be custom styled while buying new houses. It is important for a buyer to enquire with the sales team about the room sizes and the other features of the house. Here is a great post to read more about new home buying tips.

New houses are built to be more energy efficient and release at least 60% less carbon emissions than the older style homes. Improved energy efficiency can save you money by reducing your energy bills. When buying a new home you must find out the energy efficiency characteristics of the house to help you know how much you will be expected to spend on the utility bills.

New houses are built to safety specifications to ensure safety and security to its residents. It is important to know if the new houses offered adhere to the standard safety practices. Best practices should be followed during the construction of the structure, for electrical and fire safety measures and sound insulation.

However the buyer of the mine and equipment, hired the right professionals, and discovered that the problem wasn’t a lack of gold, it was where they were drilling. The gold vein was a mere 3 feet from where they were drilling, and the buyers of the mine went on to make millions.

What you see may not be the whole story:

What if what you truly are experiencing isn’t a lack of success, but rather momentum overload?

Often times, when in business for ourselves we can create so much momentum that we spend all our time managing that momentum, our time and schedule are stretched to capacity, we feel like we are letting opportunities and obligations slip by, and still not see the payoff in time and money, and be tempted to just pack it in.

And in those circumstances it can be so easy to think that we don’t have what it takes, or to feel so over our heads that we don’t see our success through the chaos. Yet the success is there, and what many entrepreneurs don’t know is how to make it come to fruition. Usually what is missing is just some clear direction, a strategy and accountability to bring that dream to fruition.

And often times just like R.U. Darby, you may truly be “three feet from gold”.

Don’t be taken out by obstacles

Obstacles, challenges, temporary defeats and uncertainty are all part of the entrepreneurial path. However they aren’t deal breakers.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, perhaps all you need is a break so you can take a step back, and look at what’s working, acknowledge your successes, and understand what’s keeping you frustrated and what action you need to take.

Get the help you need

R.U Darby did it alone, and gave up. However the buyer of his mine and equipment, invested in expert guidance and with a slight course correction, they ended up making millions. The only difference between the two, was that one invested in expert guidance, the other didn’t.

If you are suffering from momentum overload, and still not seeing the results you desire, don’t give up. That momentum means something! And is likely the tipping point for you to either find your gold or give up. Get the help and direction you need, it may just be the catalyst for you to find your gold.

Picture of woman in flying gold cloth in the sand

Nafissa Shireen

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