5 Reasons to Go to the Movies Alone

Have you ever noticed that doing things alone in our society is more or less… taboo? We hang out over food, we go to the park with friends, and we drink wine and go to the movies in groups. Why don’t we go alone?

It can be terrifying to do something alone. No one wants to feel vulnerable, especially as women, right? It’s safer and funner to travel in groups, but there’s a secret that I need to let you in on. It’s an amazing and fantastic way to unwind without fear of that friend who whispers commentary throughout the movie, or trying not to cry because your guy friend will judge you for months. Going to the movies alone can actually be kind of really freaking amazing!

Okay, wait, but what if I get judged? What if someone tries to talk to me? What about ordering the large popcorn just for me? I don’t know about you, but I used to defensively explain without making eye contact or even being asked that the popcorn was for at least four of us — and if they could layer the popcorn and melted butter so every piece was drenched, that’d be great. Everyone wants a popcorn parfait, but nobody wants to admit it.

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I think as a society we need to be more comfortable being alone with our thoughts and authentic selves. Going to the movies alone is a great way to start treating yourself and it allows you a chance to watch movies that you may not be able to watch at any other time. It’s one of the few places I can confidently say that introverts are actually uniting, separately, without actually talking to each other. I will let that sentence marinate for a minute. Why should you go to the movies alone? Here are my top five reasons:

  1. You Can Ugly Cry and Nobody Will See You

Seriously! You can go see Pitch Perfect II and let out all the feels with zero judgement. You can now confidently watch any Nicholas Sparks film with the confidence that while everyone around you is wrecked, you are the only one who knows how wrecked you really were

  1. You Can See Any Movie You Want, Even If It’s Dorky

Let’s be honest. Nobody is 100% hip. We all have our own little nerdy obsessions with things we love and don’t want to admit to other people. For example, Batman and Robin. Nobody likes the George Clooney Batman, but maybe you secretly love it. That would be the kind of movie to see alone in the theater because you can nerd out without judgement.

  1. You Can Eat Popcorn Like Amy Schumer

You don’t have to worry about eating popcorn with dignity or in moderation. You can get a bucket, extra butter, and use two hands to get it in your face as fast as possible. If you haven’t seen how Amy Schumer eats popcorn, this video should help.

  1. You Don’t Have to Share Your Snacks

When you go to movies with other people they want to share your Junior Mints. No one should ever have to share their Junior Mints.

  1. You Can Go Anytime

Go in the morning! Go at night! Go incognito during opening weekend for the next Bratz film. You. Have. The freedom. Indulge yourself.

So go, get your tickets, a gorgeous bucket of popcorn, obviously one of those movie-size boxes of Junior Mints, and have at it. Maybe we can quietly ignore each other in the same theater someday.

Carrie Swails

As a photographer of offbeat and no-traditional weddings and a blogger educating other photographers I feel the most important things for you to know about me are that I have a birthmark in my armpit and I am a terrible mathematician. What I lack in understanding of complex theories such as Pi (clearly a food item - apple is my favorite) and invisible numbers (if I can't see them, why should I care?) I make up for in awesomesauce. I believe there is no right way to put the toilet paper on - I'm just happy it's available. I believe there's no such thing as a bad fortune in a fortune cookie. I believe we only live life once so we should wear costumes as often as possible. I believe wine is like the force - it has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together. I howl with my basset hound every morning, call my brother to beat video game bosses for me, and love eating fried cheese.