One on One Coaching

Are you ready to get out of your own way?

This is not your mama’s business coaching. You had a great idea, you launched an amazing business, you’re working your passion every day. But something isn’t quite right. You find yourself unsure, second guessing your choices, or stumbling over your words when someone asks the dreaded question “So, what do you do?” You’re making excuses, dreading client meetings, and you haven’t touched your blog in months. The idea of telling the world all about you leaves you with clammy palms and a rising sense of doom.

The Program

  • 8 weeks of Vivid & Brave’s intensive journaling and self discovery program
  • Two 1 hour personal calls with Stephanie per month
  • Unlimited email correspondence

An intimate, intensive program designed to help you identify and crush the obstacles you’ve put in front of your success.

You Will

Month One – Get Intimate The first 4 weeks of journal prompts, calls, and homework are devoted to digging deep within and gaining a more intimate understanding of yourself. At the end of this month, you’ll have a vision board to show for all your hard work – a snapshot of you, and your dreams, as they are, right now.

Month Two – Tell the World Four weeks of getting gutsy – time to tell the world all about the beautiful you that you’ve unearthed. We’re going to help you exercise your voice. You’ll create things you can share, and I’ll be there to encourage you along the way. A manifesto will be created – you, your passions, and your mission statement, all rolled into one.

 You Need

  • A paper journal and something to write with
  • 20-30 minutes a day for journaling
  • 1 hour, twice a month for personal coaching calls
  • Up to 1 hour per week for homework assignments


Just $400/month

Limited seats are available each month. Contact me today!