The Real Reason You’re Struggling In Your Business

As a business and marketing coach, I see it everyday.

Entrepreneurs down and out or on the brink of breakdown because their business isn’t performing as well as they hoped it would.

They got into business with a sparkle in their eye and a spring in their step thinking that this was the thing that was going to get them closer to living their dream life.

That this was the thing they needed to be doing in order to feel like they had purpose.

Bloomberg did some research and found that 8 out of 10 businesses fail.

That is a fucking huge number and it makes me so sad.

So what’s the difference between the 20% that continue to succeed and the 80% that call it quits?

It’s Not About The Money

Usually, the reason most people think they’re struggling in their business is because they don’t have enough money to sustain it or because they don´t follow the wright ada compliance website checklist. They don’t have the money to buy this tool or that course or that fancy piece of equipment that is promised to see your client intake go through the roof along with your profits.

It’s actually got nothing to do with the money. Whether you have money or not is not the issue here.

You see money is (just one of) the result of the business, it’s not the solution to making your business work.

It’s not even about the strategies you use. It’s not about which social media platforms you’re on, whether your website looks pretty, if you use video, if you blog, if you do webinars and it’s definitely not about buying $500 microphones for your podcasts.

All of that stuff is what entrepreneurs get lost in. They get lost in all the detail and the “shoulds” and “have to’s” and all of the bullshit that the latest guru is touting to make business seem hard and that you have to invest a trillion dollars into it to make a dollar back.

You see, the real reason you’re struggling in your business, the real reason most business owners struggle and the real reason 80% of businesses fail, is because…

You Believe The Bullshit

You buy into the hype.
You follow steps X,Y and Z.
You believe the bullshit of gurus.
You believe the bullshit of people who have no clue.
You believe your own bullshit.

Hard pill to swallow?


All of this bullshit you’re believing and buying into though, is only affecting you because of your own limiting beliefs.

When you can identify your limiting beliefs, and then work through them and kick them to the curb, is when your business will start excelling.

Let me give you an example.

Last month I launched my new signature program, the #DreamBig Business Academy.

As a marketing coach, I knew everything I needed to do in order to get it up and running, marketing it and selling it. I’ve spent well over $50,000 to learn this stuff, and I put it all to use.

Launch day came, I anticipated a certain number of sales. Crickets. The first week of the launch ended. Fucking crickets!

I wondered what the fuck was happening. This is my shit. My program is teaching people how to market and sell and I hadn’t made one sale yet.

I had to figure out what was happening quick smart. So I chatted with my mastermind buddies, with my coaches and with some lovely friends who are deep into the Law of Attraction. The same solution kept coming up.

I was pushing too hard. I was forcing it to happen and I was trying to control everything.

My limiting belief was that I had to hustle like a mofo and in doing that I put all of this anxious and desperate energy into that launch.

I was going through some personal stuff at the time as well which added to the pressure. Re: Separation, suddenly a single mother, wondering what I’m meant to do next, pregnant with baby number 3 due in 5 weeks, emotions, hormones, sore body.

Work On Your Inner Self

Up until 9 months ago I was the biggest skeptic of woo woo inner self law of attraction la di da mumbo jumbo. My mantra was just do the fucking work.

What I realised though, is that because I was just focusing on the external stuff, the marketing, the sales, the hustling, it was a constant roller coaster.

High highs and low lows.

The second week of my launch I did some serious inner work to clear my limiting belief that in order to be successful I have to hustle my ass off and push push push.

I did mirror work, affirmations, intention cards, EFT, prayed, I even just took a few days off right in the middle of the launch to do nothing but watch movies with my kids.

I opened myself up to receiving anything that was coming my way and trusting that it would end up to my benefit.

Second week of launch = Jackpot.

When you look at the super successful entrepreneurs, they’re great at marketing and general business operations. But what they’ve worked on more than anything else?
Their mindset and inner self.

So before you start putting your lack of success down to the marketing, the tools and systems – go within and really take a look at yourself.

What within you is stopping you?
What limiting beliefs do you have that are in your way?

The real reason you’re struggling in your business isn’t necessarily because you need to buy more shit, or that you don’t know enough about marketing or that you don’t know enough about running a business…

Do the inner work first, then get down to business.

The Real Reason You're Struggling In Business

Phillipa Kiripatea

Phillipa Kiripatea is a marketing coach for entrepreneurs who love to dream big. Through her free mastermind group, The League of Women Who #DreamBig she inspires and motivates women to dream bigger and to make their big dreams a reality.

Phillipa believes in enlightened connection and speaking your truth. She hates small talk. Loves vulnerability.

She's also a single mother to 3 boys and does not have all her shit together.

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