The 10 Commandments for Living Your Life Like It’s Golden

  1. Start and end each day with gratitude. Find something to be grateful for. Gratitude is infectious.
  2. Love the skin you are in. If you are not there yet, resolve daily to find just one thing to love about yourself and give thanks for it. There will always be things we do not like about ourselves or wish we could change, but what about the one or two things we like? Let’s give those things some love.
  3. Make real connections. Talk to real people…often. Set a goal to nurture real relationships with real people new and old.
  4. Do one thing that scares or pulls you out of your comfort zone every week until it becomes a regular practice which you look forward to.
  5. Take a trip alone as frequently as possible allowing you to spend time with your adventurous side. Even if money is too tight to take a big trip, go to a hotel within driving distance that you’ve never been to before and act like a tourist.10  Commandments for Living Your Life Like It's Golden by Charisse Rhodes
  6.  Be kind always even when you don’t want to. You never know how, when or who it will come back through.
  7. Challenge yourself slow down in your busy day to add regular random acts of kindness demonstrating love to humanity. Love is as love does. Bringing a smile to someone else always makes a crappy day better.
  8. Forgive often. As often as we are offended we should be forgiving at double the rate. Offense and anger take precious energy that could be better used elsewhere. I know they hurt your feelings or screwed you over but heck, it’s their loss not yours. Next.
  9. Laugh every chance you get. Laugh at yourself. If you are laughing then you can’t be crying.
  10.  Hug the people you love and tell them often. Love shines a light in the darkness.

…and do all that while while wearing the softest, prettiest lingerie that you can afford. Fine beautiful undergarments discreetly against your skin adds an air of mystery to everything that you do. Doing it solely for personal pleasure makes doing all the other ten things that much better.

Charisse Rhodes

Just an ordinary superwoman trying to keep her crooked cape on while being a blessing to folks along the way. Find her online here.

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