Countdown to 2014 Journal Prompt #5 – What was your greatest success this year?

We are all feeling it as we approach the end of the year. The crush of holidays, family gatherings, sometimes brutal winter weather, and the stress that happens when it all compiles can lead to a sense of overwhelment that is hard to shake. (Yes, I made that word up.)

Take time today and acknowledge your success. Many of us are champions and cheerleaders for others, and we do such a good job at that that we forget to do it for ourselves. Have you forgotten it for yourself lately? Worse, have you forgotten that even the small victories count for something?  This is also a good time to evaluate what your definition of success is. No one else can create this meaning for you. Often, we get caught up in what society tells us success looks like – a crammed calendar, high paying job, perfectly groomed children, Pinterest worthy house. Is that what success really looks like for you? Or is it about other things?

By far, my greatest success this year was the launch of Vivid & Brave. It felt like years worth of work and transformation and love all rolled up into one amazing thing that I’m so lucky to get to do.

What was your greatest success this year? Have you conquered anything? Made any big changes? Is your life coming together the way you want it to?

*A variation of this prompt appeared in the Vivid & Brave Facebook group, for the weekly prompt*


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