Countdown to 2014 Journal Prompt #7 – What word or phrase will you eliminate this year?

Have you ever caught yourself using language or words which minimize you or your intelligence?

“I just think that…..”

Do you apologize for having an opinion, or feelings on a subject?

“I’m sorry but I was hurt by….”

Do you engage in negative self talk about your appearance?

“I’m having the worst hair day….”

Do you accept comments with gratitude, or do you negate them with self deprecation or deflection?

“Oh, I’m nothing special…”

These are the sorts of words and phrases we need to evict from our vocabulary. These are the words we’re speaking out loud that our daughters are listening to, that our hearts are being hurt by. We’ve all probably been guilty of one or two of these in the recent days, and and it’s time to stop.

Which phrase or word will you work to eliminate from your vocabulary this year? Why that one? Do you see the damage it is doing? How will you commit to avoiding its use? What will you say instead?


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I’m a communicator. That’s a PC way of saying I like to talk, but I also spend a lot of my time listening, and over the years, I’ve developed a sense for subtext – how one or two words can change your entire message, what people are really trying to say and how to weave the varied layers of your story into one cohesive brand message that your clients fall in love with.

When I'm not acting as editor in chief for Vivid & Brave, you can find me geeking out over words here.

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