The Number 1 Daily Practice For Making More Money NOW & Forever More

I love money. I love making it in my business and I love manifesting it. Most of all, and above all else I value freedom, and working on my money manifesting abilities has been the best thing I ever did for creating more financial, emotional and creative freedom in my life.

Today I’m going to share with you the best daily practice to invite more money into your life, and what’s so fantastic about it is that it will only take you a few minutes. No lengthy visualization session on the yoga mat, or chanting money mantras in front of the mirror.

This is likely one that you have heard before but surprisingly, despite it’s simplicity, most people don’t follow through and take that five minutes daily to follow through and take action.

It is money tracking!
Track Your Money
It’s a common law of the universe that what gets measured, gets improved and is exactly the reason why nearly every weight loss method on the planet also includes keeping a food diary. Acknowledging and showing gratitude for everything that’s already coming to you will open up the way for even more to reach you.

If I asked you how much money you made last month from your business, could you tell me?

If you already keep a household budget, I would recommend that you do this exercise as well because I want you to have a place where you can focus entirely on the abundance that’s coming to you – without getting distracted by all the bills going out!

How Money Tracking Works

Set up a spreadsheet on your computer or in Google docs or even just get a little notebook. If you have a Filofax, you can use the money tracking sheets that come for those!

Make yourself three columns, for the Date, Money and Value. (I’ll explain these in a minute.) Then on the side, write down your goal for the month, and make space to write your total income for the month.

First, track everything

Yes, everything. Salary from your job, income from your business, money in your PayPal account, sales from eBay, and even pennies you find down the back of the couch. Put it all into your wallet or your bank account. Where it belongs.

Don’t forget to track the value!

Sometimes we receive things that aren’t money exactly but we’ve definitely received some abundance. Maybe your friend says “This one’s on me!” when you go out for coffee. You get a gift card. You get given something for free that you were intending to buy anyway. You put these things in the value column.

When I first started tracking money and value, it felt a little awkward. There would be some days when literally nothing would come in and it would be a little depressing to put a zero in those boxes. After a while though, I naturally was more aware and alert to the little ways that I was manifesting money and value, and at the end of my first month I was shocked that not only did I meet my money goal (which I had never done before) I surpassed it by $200.

If you do any daily practice, alongside writing out your goals, this is the most important one for your success! I cannot stress enough how important money tracking it, and how much it will do for your money manifesting in your business and your life.

I promise you, once you start tracking, you’ll be amazed at how much money you were manifesting and you didn’t even know it! As always, I’d love to know in the comments below, have you tried money tracking before? How did you get along?

Amber-Rose Thomas

Amber Rose is a UK based speaker, writer and life coach. She works with women to ignite their life purpose, and discover their dream careers so they can live fully vibrant and inspired lives. Find her online here.