Walk The Plank Or Fly To Success

I was watching Peter Pan (Hook) with Eli, my toddler. The one with Robin Williams as Peter Pan when he’s a man. In this particular version of Peter Pan, Peter needs to relearn how to fly. When he left Neverland and grew up, he forgot who he really was and therefore forgot that he can fly.

He forgot about the confidence and power he once possessed. That he could fight pirates and that he was a leader of a tribe of courageous warriors.

When Captain Hook captured him, he made him walk the plank.
In that moment, Peter had 2 options:

1. He could operate out of fear and fall off the plank into the water below.
2. He could operate out of faith and believe that he was the courageous Peter Pan and fly.

In that moment, Peter chose the fear, and therefore fell into the water.

Every day in our lives and in our businesses we have the exact same choices.

Every decision we make is either out of fear or out of faith.

Being an entrepreneur is risky.

You can never be certain that you will reach all of your goals, hit all your targets and have the success you planned out to have.

There are so many variables that affect your success as a business owner.

  • Marketing strategies
  • Technology
  • Systems
  • Staff
  • Clients
  • Equipment
  • Products
  • Courses
  • Services
  • Government
  • Taxes

But the constant, the constant in business and also in life, is you.  You and your ability to either be fearful and run scared of things that don’t make sense to you, overwhelm or frustrate you, or your ability to have faith.  Faith in yourself that you can do this. That you are committed to your results and to running your dream business and having your dream life because that’s just how it rolls for you.

The external factors we can hardly control.
But what’s inside, we have full control of.

We have full control of what we commit to and so if we choose to commit to operating from a place of faith and belief that we will have success in our business, and that we already are successful, it will happen.

What we believe, we achieve.

It’s so important to focus on what we want to happen, rather than what we fear will happen or is happening.

If you believe that you can’t do something and are going to fall off the plank into the water, it will happen.
If you believe that you are powerful and that you can do and be whatever and whoever you desire and that you can fly off that plank to success, it will happen.

Success comes from within you first.
You may have all the external forces cheering for you, but if you’re bringing yourself down inside, you’ll pull those external forces down with you.

You are the creator of your own life.
You are the creator of your own business.

Choose to have your dream business.
Choose to have your dream life.

You’ve got this.

Phillipa xx

Walk The Plank Or Fly To Success

Phillipa Kiripatea

Phillipa Kiripatea is a marketing coach for entrepreneurs who love to dream big. Through her free mastermind group, The League of Women Who #DreamBig she inspires and motivates women to dream bigger and to make their big dreams a reality.

Phillipa believes in enlightened connection and speaking your truth. She hates small talk. Loves vulnerability.

She's also a single mother to 3 boys and does not have all her shit together.

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