Using CoSchedule to Manage a Group Blog

Running a blog like this with 20 contributing writers and counting is no easy task some days, but thanks to recently adding CoSchedule? It is so much easier and efficient than it was before!

Scheduling Posts from Our Contributing Writers

When our writers submit their posts each month, we add them to our CoSchedule editorial calendar. As we assign each post to the author, we can easily see their avatar and distribute the posts more evenly throughout the month.

For example, here is our calendar for the end of February to the beginning of March, 2015. Since all of these posts have been published and the dates are in the past, it is grayed out – but we can’t show you yet what is coming up in April!

CoSchedule Calendar - Vivid & Brave

The small number in the bottom of each box denotes the social shares that a post has received – tracked across Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

As I prepare each individual blog post, we can also schedule – within WordPress! – all of our future social media for the post. How sweet is that? No need to ever leave the WordPress editing screen, I can set it up to be shared to both our Facebook Page and our Facebook Group as soon as the post goes live, with different text in each of those posts. I can schedule a Tweet to go out later the same day. A post to go to our Facebook Page a week later, at a different time of day. Or a month later to any of those as well. Schedule something to go live on the exact date and time that we want. Any of the above!

(Just to be clear, we don’t use LinkedIn or the Buffer App. They are both included in the CoSchedule features, they are just ones we don’t use right now.)

Our posts go live at 11am and 4pm Central Standard Time; I set them up to be shared on social media again later in the same day, in the evening, at night, and earlier in the morning in the future, that way our audience has more of a chance to see them depending on when they are online.

Once you have all of your social media shares set up per post, you can also see those on the schedule too. This way, you can make sure you are not sending too many updates to your social media accounts all at the same time.

Need to rearrange your post schedule after you have posts set up to go live? NO PROBLEM. All of the associated social media posts move right along with the blog post! If I have tasks set up to take place as soon as a post goes live on a future date, all of those tasks move as well. (Have you ever had to keep track of all of those in a number of different calendars? It can be tedious and annoying!)

Social updates do not have to be tied to a post either. Have a link from someone else’s site that you want to set up in your schedule to share? You can add those as well! It does not have to link back to your own blog.

Planning Ahead to Keep Ourselves Sane

Have you ever felt like you were a slave to social media? Being able to prepare all of this at once has liberated us to work on other tasks and grow our site even more.

Blog posts should never be a one-and-done deal. You create amazing content, it deserves to be read over and over again! That is the best part of Evergreen content; it never gets old. Using CoSchedule, we can drive traffic back to our older posts and generate more traffic for our site in the long run.

Setting up your schedule using CoSchedule can quadruple your blog traffic! How crazy is that?!

Add to that the fact that I love having everything in ONE calendar – both our social media plan and our editorial calendar of blog posts – so that we can quickly and easily see what is happening at any given moment. No more juggling two or three calendars!

Tasks Feature

CoSchedule Task ListWe have opted to use one of the upgraded CoSchedule accounts because we felt that adding the Task List feature was essential to our needs with the Group Blog. We have created a template of the tasks that we do for every single blog post, and linked those task to who they are assigned to to complete. Once they are completed, we can check them off.

As our team grows, more and more of these tasks will be delegated to team members. This feature will allow them to log in and see which tasks are due that day and will help them streamline their workflow.

The CoSchedule Support Team

I ran in to a few minor questions as I was setting up the account. Contacting support was quick and easy, and they had answers for me within a very short amount of time. I was very happy with the support experience.

Our Only Request

If I could have any one thing, it would be Pinterest scheduling. CoSchedule Team, if you’re listening? PINTEREST. That would be awesome!

Overall, our CoSchedule experience has been amazing, and has allowed us to add additional contributing writers to our site even earlier than expected. 10 Gold Stars and Two Thumbs Up for CoSchedule! Sign up for your account today!

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