She Gave Herself Permission


She gave herself permission

To be successful today as she was.
To make her voice louder than her ancestors, family and obligation.
To pursue her gifts and talents without shame

She gave herself permission

To shine her light unapologetically
To show the world her soul -uncensored, unvarnished, unfiltered
To be exquisitely herself
To own her power her sensuality, her body, her desires

She gave herself permission

To love wholeheartedly
To jump without a net
To search for her destiny no matter how long it took
To be proud of who she was as she stood

She gave herself permission

To write the book of the story that lived inside her
To own her language opinions and boundaries
To create and manifest the deepest desires wants and longings

She give herself permission

To become and unravel the person she had become and unwind into the person she was destined to be.
To let go of role of the journey and embrace her experiences as opportunities
To examine the reflection in the mirror that arose when she was irritated with another and own it as a mirror to her own soul and her work to do

She give herself permission

To be angry
To be mad to rage to mourn to grieve what she was letting go of
To be present in the moment and experience her deepest fears knowing she would see the other side and the glory with that was waiting for her

She gave herself permission to be – herself.


Lesley Stedmon

Unlock your sensuality and unlock yourself.
Lesley Stedmon is a sensuality coach, author, speaker and registered nurse dedicated to inspiring women to create more time for pleasure and sensuality in their busy lives and creating the space their desires deserve.
When not on her Sensual Journey, Lesley can be found writing, reading and chilling with her Sisterhood, playing with her kids and living large with her husband on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC.

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