What to Expect from Laura Dee

Oh boy. My first blog post for the awesomeness that is Vivid & Brave.

I am part of ‘Team Everyday Extraordinary’, so my posts have to be, well, extraordinary. No pressure or anything, as I’m sitting here in my pajamas, combating another bout of cold and flu symptoms. (I hate winter.)

I figure I will use this first blog entry to introduce myself to you.

I was born in The Netherlands, raised in Aruba and currently call Connecticut home. This means that through osmosis, I have inherited all these different and sometimes conflicting cultural traits. For example, I am very outspoken and not easily shocked by much of anything but fiercely guarded and slow to let people into my personal circle. I also hate being hugged by strangers or people I don’t know well, which seems to be a reoccurring theme here in New England, but I love, LOVE being around my friends and crave that social outlet.

I used to be a police officer in Aruba, and my own personal goal is to still be some type of weapon-wielding ninja crime fighter. If I ever came across a glowing meteorite, oozing a mysterious neon green goo, that struck earth or something like that, I’d totally be rubbing up against that thing, hoping it’d give me super powers.

I have two kids who keep me on my toes and drive me crazy while making me an immensely proud momma at the same time and am happily married to this wonderful dude who is my biggest supporter in pretty much anything I do.

I am a photographer. But I feel like my true calling in life, besides being a ninja, is writing. I love words. Finding a way to combine the images I take with the words I put on paper in such a way that it has some impact (at least, in my opinion) is my current big goal in my career. Becoming a contributing writer for a ‘no holds barred’ blog like Vivid & Brave seems to be a logical step in that direction.

I will be writing about all sorts of randomness, be it current events or the best recipe for a kickass sangria for your next summer party. It will, hopefully, be a good mixture of the funny, endearing, nonsensical, polarizing and thought-provoking myriad of ideas and cacophony of musings in my head.

One thing I can promise for sure, is that I will never write anything I don’t believe in just to appease, and that while my convictions are pretty resolute on the larger matters in life, I am a big proponent of healthy debate and opposite sides of the spectrum discussion. It is, after all, a wonderful, yet under-appreciated perk of living in a place (and time) where you can offend, praise, debate, object, question, share, shout, inspire, wonder, criticize and advocate for almost anything in this universe without criminal repercussions. Just social ones. 😉

So, I am stoked to be taking this little journey of words, see where it takes me, hopefully with a few of you along the way. Because I do love to travel in real life as much as I do on blank pages in a note book, or a blank computer screen waiting to be filled with randomness. :)

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Laura DeCarlo

Dude. Ninjas are awesome. So are unicorns. I photograph people getting married, by the way. And cool people. And cool people getting married. Cheers from a tattooed fancier of great music, enjoyer of The Big Bang Theory, consumer of Doritos Locos chicken tacos and moscato, friend, mom and wife of some pretty cool people ♪♥

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